Why Good Website Design is Important For Your Business

why good website design is important for your business

Imagine if you only had one minute to pitch your entire line of services and products. 

In the online world, that’s about right. The average person only spends up to 60 seconds trying to complete a simple task on your website before giving up. 

The task could be anything from finding contact information to looking at your services. Either way, users need an interesting experience that is easy to navigate. 

The importance of good website design for your business is clear.

It is both what sparks interests and seals the deal, thanks to branding, engagement, and conversion strategies.

why good website design is important for your business


Your website is your stage – it is where you can tell current and potential customers everything they want to know about who you are and what you do. 

Online branding consists mainly of colors, messaging, and mood. 

Each landing page should have a clear theme. The brand colors should stand out to the consumer and be eye-catching without being confusing. 

Messaging needs to be consistent. This helps people on your page navigate your offers and understand the calls to action. Plus, the more consistent, the better your SEO performance

Keep in mind you are just one of many competitors in your industry.

Add a personal touch to create an emotion within your consumer. It will deepen their interest and help keep your bounce rates low. 


Once you have someone’s attention, you need to continue the purchase process. 

Start the conversation on your site with relevant, custom content. Then, keep it going beyond your landing pages. 

Remember, user engagement also includes the way people view your brand on social media and in their email inbox.

Make sure your messaging across the board is similar yet exciting. Use fun videos or photos to display the culture of your company and its services. Add supporting details and a call-to-action to help people understand what they are looking at. 

The better you brand and keep people engaged, the more traffic you should receive.  

why good website design is important for your businessConversion 

The secret to sealing the deal online is turning traffic into conversions.

A good website catches fire through word of mouth and online social sharing. Then, it is up to you to get users to buy-in.  

If you are a blog or influencer, this may look like an opt-in form for blog subscriptions or newsletter sign-ups. If you provide goods or services, the ultimate goal is making a sale. 

Keep in mind you can change your web design depending on your conversion goals.

Utilize A/B testing, click-through-rates, and an online presence analysis to determine your strengths and weaknesses. This data is the key to unlocking all the potential of your online space to make connections and conversions. 

Never Underestimate the Importance of Good Website Design

Website design is to online sales goals what a foundation is to a house – the backbone. 

The proper web design can be the difference between peaking a potential user’s interest and losing business to a competitor.

Your landing pages are a place to brand, engage, and confirm interest with your audience.

Need an online makeover? Contact us today! 

importance of good website design

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