Why Building A Brand Is Important For Small Businesses

brand building for small business

Looking to build a brand but not sure whether the task is worth your time and dime?

We’ve got an answer for you!

For starters, branding is a powerful tool for all types of businesses. 75 % of marketing leaders acknowledge that branding is essential for business growth.

But first off, what does building a successful brand mean?

Branding is simply the process of giving your business a unique identity. It involves choosing a name for the enterprise, designing a logo, selecting brand colors, crafting a slogan and defining what your business stands for. 

Our top 4x reasons why building a brand is important to your small business? 

1. Branding Makes Your Business Stand Out

Think of the last time you were on a busy street lined with several shops. Is there a store that stuck in your memory?

If yes, it could be because it had an eye-catching storefront design or you were able to recognise it from an advert you saw on TV or online.

That’s the power of branding; it makes your business stand out from the crowd, so customers can easily recognise it from a distance.

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2. Branding Drives Sales (and Growth)

Did you know the average consumer shares good brand experiences with about 9 other people?

If you make your brand all about excellent customer service, you can count on your existing customers to use word-of-mouth to spread news about your business. As a result, you will gain more customers and make more sales.

With an increasing sales revenue, you will have more money to fund inventory, bring additional employees on board and open more stores.

3. Branding Keeps Advertising Costs Low

Even though professional branding costs money, in the long-run it can help to reduce the amount you spend on advertising.

You see, a strong brand with a solid reputation markets itself.  

With loyal customers who also double up as brand ambassadors on your side, you won’t need to spend as much money to acquire new customers.  Also, when running an advertising campaign, a strong brand will easily create long-lasting impressions on its potential customers.

This eliminates the need to run several ad campaigns, meaning more advertising dollars remain in your pocket.

4. Branding Increases Online Visibility

why building a brand is important

In this day and age, every entrepreneur must take their businesses online.

The internet widens your customer reach to a global scale, reduces business costs and gives you access to an arsenal of powerful marketing platforms, such as social media.

But to make an impact online, you must have a solid web presence, (click here to read our article on “How to build a strong online presence when starting a new business”) which is not an easy thing to achieve. It can take several months or even years before your business builds a substantial following if a correctly implemented marketing strategy is not executed.

You will begin your online efforts on a strong footing, since some internet users may already be familiar with it.

If yours is an internet-only business, digital branding will increase your online visibility and send more traffic to your website.

Final Words on the Importance of building your brand

Whether you own an online or offline small business, building a brand is one of the most effective ways to improve sales and achieve growth.

However, as a small business owner, your enterprise needs you full-time, so you may not have the time to focus on branding efforts.

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