Why Are My Online Internet Marketing Efforts Not Working?

online internet marketing and why mine isn't working

The saying ‘A bad carpenter blames his tools’ is quite popular, but few people understand the essence behind it.  Online internet marketing is a great tool for your business, provided you use it in the correct manner.  When implemented correctly, it will enable your brand to grow and expand its customer database, hence driving more sales. But if you are using it incorrectly, you may be getting nil to minimal desired results or possibly even tarnishing your brand reputation without meaning to.

Are you wondering on what you are doing wrong, despite your best efforts? Then read these common mistakes made in online internet marketing and how to rectify them.

1. You Rely on a Single Source of Traffic

The purpose of online internet marketing (or digital marketing), is to generate and acquire high quality leads or visitors to your website.  In other words, website traffic is a key measuring factor of whether your business will achieve success or not. What usually happens is that a person comes across a source that works and tends to stick to it, while ignoring the rest.

This is the wrong attitude and it can be disastrous, especially if there are any unexpected updates or changes to a certain platform. What should you do? You should continue using that source, but don’t depend on it heavily. Open your mind and experiment with various platforms to fulfil your website traffic needs.

2. No Call-to-Action Present

Have you heard of a CTA, (Call-to-Action) before? A CTA has the sole purpose of turning potential leads into paying customers. Many marketers fail to use CTAs in their blogs, articles, websites, etc, and they are unable to see any conversions.

A CTA should be simple and subtle as you don’t want to make your content seem too salesy and still want the main goal of your content to be to provide valuable information to your visitors that solves their problems or pain points. It should be strategically placed yet persuade your visitors to act. For example, offering a free eBook, webinar, or a free trial are all examples of CTAs that also help you collect a database of valuable client contact information for future marketing campaigns, lead generation and ultimately sales.

3. Considering PPC as the Ultimate Solution

Most marketers spend too much on paid searches, not realising that they are not effective in generating a high return on investment (ROI). Instead, the majority of your budget should be spent on content marketing; developing engaging content is what attracts potential customers.

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