Where To Start With Your Online Marketing When Starting A New Business

where to start with online marketing
As a new business owner perhaps starting out on your own for the first time, it is important to put the time into a robust marketing plan in order for your business to be discovered, for your consumers to engage, and for you to start generating revenue.  In the beginning, it may be touch and go as to whether or not your business venture is even viable, you may have a product you believe in or a service to offer, but how do you spread the word to an audience that doesn’t exist yet? 
Most often, the transition from a full-time office job into a full-time business owner may take time too.  Being passionate about your idea is a start, but how do you start marketing your business, with a small budget to get maximum returns in the fastest time allowing you to gather the required budget to expand your marketing to other essential channels and grow your business.

The simple answer here is Social Media Marketing. 
Social Media Marketing is the No.1 first place to start with your online marketing. And Here’s Why…


Using Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the most affordable and effective marketing tool that will see the highest returns, often in a very short space of time.  Regardless of what you do, sell or who you market to, using social media as an online marketing tool is the best place to start for achieving  significant generation of business, revenue and essential branding.
It is particularly beneficial for new business owners who may not have a website yet or be able to afford one while they are still trying to get their business afloat. While a business website is essential in today’s increasingly digital landscape and definitely something all businesses need to get at some stage, it IS possible to simply start with a social media site such as a Facebook website. In saying that, due to the huge long term benefits a professional website can bring to your online marketing, Write Marketing Corp are now offering new start up businesses $40/week websites and branding packages ($49/week for online store websites).
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Social Media Helps Grow Your Business & Online Presence

Furthermore, social platforms’ highly beneficial feature of encouraging members to “Like,” “Follow” or “Share” your content can even more significantly help grow your business,  your online presence,  again generate additional sales and improve your brand awareness and reputation, and often quite quickly. This is especially the case when correctly optimized, written and designed posts are uploaded to your social site, in line with best marketing practices on a regular basis of at least 2-3 posts a week.

 Social Media Improves Brand Awareness 
The option for social members to follow or “like” your page or posts further exposes your brand and product or service offerings to even more potential customers where then all their “friends” or members also see your posts.  This has the effect of also improving brand awareness and reputation as consumers trust and most often buy products and services based on their friends or recommendations of others.
Potential for More Leads & Sales
Additionally,  its automated audience building functionality of “friend” suggestions on Facebook for example, that focuses on suggesting members most likely to be interested in your business offers even more highly targeted potential new customer reach therefore higher sales conversions. Studies show that Social Media has a 100% lead-sales close conversion rate over traditional forms of marketing.   
The Reason Social Media Is Such A Powerful Place To Start
The reason social media is such a great and powerful place to start your online  marketing  is its instant audience reach of millions of potential new customers who spend extended periods of time on social sites of up to 1 hour every day, which also get high google ranking in their own right.  Plus it’s Free.
Which Social Media Platforms should you use for your Business?
Not all social media platforms however are considered equal or necessarily the best or ideal option for every business.  There are certain social media platforms particular business industries excel on over others.  Correct choice of platform can mean the difference between ultimate sales and other goals being met and little to no results being achieved. This equates to potentially hours of wasted time and effort plus all the associated costs involved with such an outcome such as lost valuable time you could have otherwise focused on growing  your business and generated much needed revenue.

At Write Marketing Corp, we advise businesses that they are better off focusing their attention on just 1-2 most appropriate social media platforms for their exact business, with regular weekly posting of ultimate SEO optimized content ( in line with best marketing practices)  THEN  to create social accounts for every social media platform available.

All our Social Media Marketing Packages  include FREE regular consultation & strategy sessions with data backed 3rd party verified analytic reporting of the results and return on investment being achieved.

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Get Started With Social Media Today & Start Generating More Leads

Packages start from as low as just $14.25/day for our most popular feature rich Social Media Marketing Package.

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