Want To Grow Your Website Traffic? Follow These Steps

website traffic
Website traffic, analogous to the long queues outside a storefront—checking in and out at the point of sales through the revolving doors— is essential for the growth of an online business.
However, the cyber world provides the online users with a myriad of options; options so vast and dispersed that they can be accessed conveniently from anywhere across the globe. As such business owners and marketers are often found sharpening their pitch forks – brainstorming ideas to increase their website traffic.

Higher the customer visits > higher the lead generation
Higher the lead generation > higher the sales
Higher the sales > higher the generated revenue

Core Strategies That Help You Grow Your Website Traffic

The two core strategies, the driving principles behind generating website traffic, are the SEO marketing and content marketing.
Surely, this is not some novel suggestion but the world of mainstream ecommerce is hardly driven by novel ideas. After all, the users are plenty, the analysts are keen and the competition is intense—chances are that your practices have been employed by your competitor at some point. It is more about using the established strategies effectively than plotting a completely new one; implementing techniques which refine SEO and content marketing. And what are they?

Ways To Grow Your Website Traffic with SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is like your neon lit storefront signage which lets the customers know about your presence. It involves designing and coding a website or content to help improve the volume and quality of online traffic. Here is a list of some techniques which you can integrate in your SEO marketing practices:
Focus on long tail keyword research. Long tail keyword research addresses specific human queries of the customers. Although they do not produce the same number of hits as a simple keyword would, but because they are tailored to provide specificity, they help you earn a higher rank on the search engines. Moreover, long tail keywords also present you with less competition, making your brand more prominent.

Limit your reach. Optimise your website based on a geo-centric approach. Local searches present you with brighter business prospects than global searches.

Find the right hashtags. Create a small cluster of tags that are relevant to your industry and specific to your services (5-10). Use the power of social media tagging to help bookmark your brand.

Develop credible link building. 

Adopt user friendly URLs to help attract digital consumers. “Mywebsite.com/transfer-info/arsenal” would leave a more powerful impression than something like “Mywebsite.com/transfer-info.php?object=”.

Ways to Grow Your Website Traffic Through Content Marketing

The secrets of content marketing playing field are pretty well known, or so people assume.

They publish great content.
They update it regularly.
They promote it.

And yet they observe a pancake-plateau (=) in terms of traffic generation.

So what are they doing wrong?

They are not producing the right content. For it’s not great content that helps to grow your website traffic, it’s the right content.

Start with identifying the influencers in your field; they act like referrals. Where your target customers may love the idea you want to communicate, they may or may not share it. And without sharing you cannot really grow your website traffic. Influencers of a specific niche actually helps promote your work and most importantly, people listen to them.

Once you have identified the influencers, study what interests them as this would make your content appealing to them and they would share it in their circle and across different platforms.

Now tailor your content accordingly, corroborate it with credible sources and incorporate share triggers (features which psychologically influences your readers to share the content).

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