This is why your digital marketing campaign failed

This is why your digital marketing campaign failed

You’ve reached the end of your digital marketing campaign and your results have concluded one of the most dreaded things for a marketer to overcome.


Every marketer has experienced a failing digital marketing campaign at one point of their journey. But the way to winning starts with reviewing your faults before you jump back into another campaign.

Here are some reasons why your digital marketing efforts didn’t lead to success and how you can turn that around next time.

Audience Targeting Was Not On-Point

It’s a valuable fact that digital marketers need to know who they’re marketing to. You may have dropped the ball with this one.

Even if you went through the basics on age ranges, gender, location and interests, you might have needed to dig a little deeper.

People can be complex these days and they come with sub categories.

Go back through your list and start dissecting your audience  a little more to gather information that truly goes into the psyches of your targeted audience.

Not Enough Clarity in Goals

Digital marketers need to set goals that are specific to what they’d like for their campaigns’ outcome.

This means putting systems in place for properly tracking analytics. Setting measurable goals will help marketers with monitoring the success of the campaign.

Use amount values of factors, such as how many people you’d like to reach, cost per conversions and click-through rates (CTR) to gain more clarity on your campaigns ROI goals. 

Be sure to use methods that are relevant and appropriate to your campaign and audience’s dynamics.

No A/B or Split Testing

If you’re not using the right testing or if you’re not testing at all then you have cut your chances of gathering solid data to move forward.

Choose a testing method and focus in on the responses and reactions to this one first. You will need to separate these methods to ensure that impressions are coming from that particular ad copy, call-to-action, landing page or tone of voice.

There are many other elements that you can test as well. However, it is still vital that you know exactly which ones are yielding certain results.

Disregarding Moral Elements

Marketers sometimes forget about how an audience will perceive a message that is intended for a particular outcome.

Just because you thought it was comical does not mean someone from another cultural background or political party will think the same.

Remember to be considerate and respectful to everyone to maintain your reputation; even if they are not your target audience.

Not Using Engagement Appropriately on Social Media

Marketers fail to use socializing properly on social media all the time. Just because you’ve launched a campaign does not mean you do not remain active.

Avoid these common social mistakes:

  • Not actively engaging with followers
  • Posting inconsistent or irrelevant content
  • Buying followers, likes and comments
  • Overstepping boundaries with followers/customers
  • Being tacky

Remember customers value the ability to trust you and your brand so don’t blow it with distasteful tactics.

Reach Success with Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

Don’t get discouraged by failure.

In digital marketing, you want to fail and fail quickly. Take the lessons you’ve learned from your mistakes and begin to perfect your craft.

Now you can go back to the drawing board to build an even better digital marketing campaign strategy. But if you don’t want to keep trying, you can alway seek expert help!

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