The Top 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Essential For Any Small Business

email marketing importance for business

Small businesses may not generally include, or even comprehend the need to include, email marketing as an important component of their overall marketing strategy. Those that don’t however, are missing out on some incredible opportunities for growth of their business. For one, before we even get into the list of reasons why email marketing is essential to all businesses, the ROI (or Return on Investment), is on average a huge 4300% when done correctly. That’s $43 in additional revenue for every $1 you spend on your email marketing. No wonder it’s being used worldwide, by thousands of organisations, to further promote their business and to grow more successful. 

Firstly, You May Be Wondering if Email Marketing is Really This Effective

With new technology coming out every day it can seem like email is on its way out. You may ask yourself if email marketing is still important. Many people think of email marketing as spam. To be fair, 70% of all emails are categorised as spam. Nevertheless, I can loud. clearly and confidently assure you that email marketing really IS very effective and here’s why:

  • There are 4.3 billion email accounts active today that send 196 billion emails every day. No other marketing channel has been adopted as universally.
  • 95% of all consumers use email every day of which 91% check their emails at least once a day.
  • Email is a channel that you own and as emails stay in your inbox until you delete them, email has a longer lifespan than any other channel like social media.
  • 77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communications thereby allowing you to take advantage of this fact by communicating with people the way they want to be reached – Email.
  • Email lets you be highly personal.
  • And as mentioned above, email marketing generates a huge ROI (return on investment) of usually 4300%.

The best part about email marketing is its versatility. It’s primarily used to close leads into paying customers BUT it can also be used as a cost effective way to delight your existing customers, making them lifelong advocates of your brand with long term revenue streams.

At the end of the day however, email is predominantly used to nurture new leads into paying customers. Nurturing is about sending the right email to the right audience at the right time. Send them content that will help do their job better, and they’ll be more open to speaking to your sales team down the road. Providing helpful, relevant information will also assist you with building a relationship with them. If you can do that well, you will be more likely to find them interact with you.


If that wasn’t enough, keep reading to find out the 5 essential reasons email marketing is a must for your business.


1. Hitting the Objective ie. Your Target Audience Directly 

Maybe the greatest preferred standpoint of email marketing is that it permits you to hit your intended target audience right in a personalised space their more open to. Individuals are more likely to disregard billboards, discard print bulletins, and turn over the page without looking at daily paper advertisements. Be that as it may, they will however more likely focus on an inventive, innovative, and powerful email, and wind up becoming clients if done right. For example, you can also set up email segmentation to better send your leads content they would consider valuable and helpful ensuring a higher chance of conversions. Subscribers appreciate getting better targeted and tailored emails. If an email is relevant, it makes for a better customer experience. The more relevant the message, the more likely your subscriber is to act on it.

2. Following the Objective i.e. Tracking the Target.

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A standout amongst the most critical things for you, when maintaining an independent venture, is to make sense of what you’re doing well and where you’re not. Such data permits you to roll out the fundamental improvements and to enhance your business operations and administrations. With a good, reputable email marketing software you can create smart, stylish Email Newsletters and even automate your marketing tasks such as segmentation and analytics for example. This in turn allows your business to easily gather data and track conversion and click-through rates. 

3. Focus on Target to Target

While all major and minor marketing strategies are weighed, and debated upon, word of mouth remains one the most powerfully effective marketing tools out there. Spend the time in getting to know your existing customers and their pain points and interests. Ensure your forms, surveys and other consumer information capturing forms best gather specific information that will allow you to ideally segment your emails and send them highly valuable, relevant and targeted content they will want to receive, and you will better achieve delighting them turning them into life long promoters of your brand. Help them spread the word on your brand further by including a social sharing and forwarding option in your email newsletters emails and they will probably forward them onto friends and families too.

4. One of the lowest cost, yet still powerfully effective marketing strategies available

Email marketing is a standout amongst the most reasonable advertising and promotional tools or avenues for any size business. However, for small businesses, it is especially powerful as these as these are most likely to be concerned about where their money is being spent. A quick online for price comparisons between the top email marketing vendors will reveal that as much as 5,000 customers can be targeted by spending just around $150 Email marketing is one of the most affordable marketing tools. For small businesses, it becomes particularly effective.

5. Bringing the Objective Home ie. closing the deal and gaining sales 

Ever heard of impulse buying? With a compelling call to action incorporated into the emails, you can generate sales quicker than any other means, as they provide such brilliant ease of use – provided there is a link to an easy to navigate checkout, and the customer doesn’t get lost between viewing an item and purchasing it. It is important to note however that your emails should always provide value first and not be too sales-y. This is where good segmentation, clever email marketing strategies and sending the right email to the right audience at the right time, comes into play.

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In Conclusion:

The reasons behind the global popularity of email marketing may not always be apparent, but it is my sincere hope that you can now see the huge benefits and opportunities email marketing can bring your business. Email Marketing is exceedingly beneficial to a business’s bottom line and long term customer base, especially for small and home-based businesses. As a business owner it can help you focus on your target market, find new customers, retain existing customers plus stay in touch with them effectively and delighting them turning them into lifelong advocates of your brand. Additionally, email marketing can be achieved within most budgets. Perhaps it’s time for the skeptics to abandon doubt, let go of the misconception that email marketing is just spam and jump on board to become a part of the most adopted online marketing channel worldwide that email marketing has become which is increasing every day.

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