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Brandt Lawyers was established in 2008 by two trial lawyers, John Brandt and Michael Brandt in a small office situated in downtown Houston. Now made up of 6 trial lawyers with an office located in the city of New York, Brandt Lawyers has committed itself to serving their clients in a variety of different legal matters and disputes and solving their cases in a swift, effective, and in an often unconventional manner.
Their trial attorneys employ a dedicated and innovative approach to solving the cases of their clients; each case is handled meticulously and in a systematic manner. Their clients come from an array of different backgrounds and all of them are given undivided attention to their respective legal issues.
The founder John Brandt is board certified in personal injury law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, while his brother and co-founder Michael Brandt is certified as a business litigation law specialist by the same institute. In 2014, Brandt Lawyers won a large verdict against the pharmaceutical giant Bayer over the harmful and life threatening side effects of their Hepatitis medication, ‘Provaldi’.

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About this project – We raised Brandt’s Conversions by 64%

During our meeting with Brandt Lawyers one of the core business challenges they were facing was that its current website had a very low conversion rate.

Less than 3% of website visitors were converting to scheduling consultations and converting to becoming clients for the firm.

In order to grow revenue the client needed to markedly increase the conversion rate for website visitors that didn’t call and book appointments to those that did.

Write Marketing Corp identified a number of weak areas in the client’s current website that were choking conversion rates.

These included the following:

  • The call to actions were not clear (i.e. the elements that encourage desired visitor action such as complete a quote request form)
  • The user experience was confusing.
  • The load time of the site was slow.
  • There was overall site design issues.
  • User experience, ease of usability and performance problems.
  • Responsiveness for mobile and tablet was serious broken.


With our expertise in website design and development, Write Marketing Corp proposed to overhaul Brandt’s website and relaunch it. We recommended a WordPress website for various reasons, redesigned their logo and company theme colours, and ensured marketing best practises were used and strategically placed CTAs (call-to-actions) throughout their site. We were confident we could deliver significantly increased conversion rates and help them to realise its revenue goals for the year and beyond. The client’s expectations were met and overall it was another successful project by Write Marketing Corp.