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AboutThe Client

Empowered Running is a personal fitness coach and training business located in Brisbane. They believe that anyone can be fitter than what they believe is possible. They recognise that exercise, nutrition & mindset are the foundations of health. They provide an environment to create a new ‘fitness identity’.They employ innovative training techniques and provide personalised support.They encourage the development of a “growth mindset”. They respect their clients’ individual needs, capabilities, and lifestyles. They value personal integrity, open communication, and the practise of gratitude.

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About this project

Empowered Running is a brand new business that business owner and professional running coach, Mark wanted to get up and running and take it to the next level.  He previously had no website but had an existing logo which he wanted us to incorporate into his new website. After a completing a discovery session questionnaire Write Marketing Corp, came up with some design concepts and the above images are the final result we came up with. We welcome you to click on the “Launch Live Website” to see the live website.


Write Marketing Corp know the importance of a fully responsive website for the success of a business as well as strategically placed CTAs (call- to -actions) particular above -the- fold, that is, at the top of the website clearly labeled and discoverable. We ensured it had fully optimised images and correctly set up SEO elements to ensure it gets found in Google searches. Additionally we included a free blog design after explaining to Empowered running the powerful impact of a Blog to SEO/Google Ranking and lead generation. According to the website’s analytics it is currently receiving a significant amount of web traffic for such a new website so overall the client was very pleased with the result.