How Would I Go about Designing an Eye Catching Website for My Business?

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Nobody can deny the importance of an appealing website for a business. A website is the first thing that catches the eye of a potential customer. In fact, it is one of the main deciding factors of whether your business will achieve paramount success or not. If the website design is innovative and unique, you will be able to attract and retain long-term customers, thereby boosting your revenue. And if your website is poor, you shouldn’t really expect to see any exceptional sales figures.

Most businesses ignore their website design and that leads to a loss of potential leads. In fact an astounding 50% of Australian businesses don’t even have a website or online presence. If you are confused and unsure on how to design a website that will stand out, then here are 4 tips to keep in mind.

Four Top Tips for an Eye Catching, Successful Website 

1.    Professionalism Should Be Your Concern in a Website

When a website is poorly designed and lacks charm, it may be perceived that you are not serious about what you are doing. It also potentially portrays un-professionalism and some people might think that your business is untrustworthy. Don’t worry though; you don’t need a website that will win the award for the world’s best looking website. You just need one that will truly stand out among the thousands of bland webpages out there plus have some key essential functionalities.

Unless you’re planning on starting a website design business, trying to create your own business website yourself could be a very time consuming and frustrating experience (even with some of the easy website builders out there) with possibly less than ideal results if you don’t have much experience in it. You would need to have plenty of time to learn about how to design a website for the best visual appeal as well as well as ensure it is in line with best marketing practises. In other words, it would involve a learning curve and you probably would be better off focusing on running your business and hiring professionals to design your website for you.

You can hire the services of a professional website design agency or company to create a great website for your business. Remember that an alluring website design will pave the way for your growth and success.

2.    Content really is King For Your Website Copywriting

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3.    Navigation is Crucial

You don’t want your customers and clients to get frustrated and leave your website just because it has a poor navigation interface and is difficult to find what they’re looking for quickly. Focus on building a website that has an easily navigable interface that allows people to find what they are looking for quickly.

Considering Hiring a Professional Website Design Agency?

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4.     A Fully Responsive Website Design is Critical

The latest research shows that over 80% of consumers actively searching for products and services they are wanting to buy, do so online AND from their mobile or tablet device compared to their computer. As such, it is absolutely essential your website is “Mobile Responsive” meaning it displays correctly across all devices whether that be mobiles, tablets, laptops or desktops. 43% of Consumers say they will leave a website if it isn’t mobile responsive due to frustration and go to a competitor and not return – another critically important reason your website must be “responsive.”

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