How to Use Live Video to Boost Your Digital Content Strategy

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A video is an integral part of a digital content strategy.

But recently there’s been an advancement with video: Live Video.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook was said to have been “obsessed” about providing live video as soon as possible.

Snapchat is a multi-billion dollar company using live video feeds.

And Twitter invested heavily in Periscope, a live video streaming app.

Sounds like every business owner should be taking their digital content strategy to the next level with live video. 

But before you dive in, let’s learn a few things first.

Why Should Video be Part of my Digital Content Strategy?

100,000 million hours of video is watched on Facebook.

4,950,000,000 videos are watched every day on YouTube.

Right now, there’s an 80% increased chance of conversion if you feature a video on your landing page. There’s also an 88% chance they’ll spend more of their time on your site.

And that’s just video. Imagine what happens when you use live video as part of your digital content strategy.

Imagine what happens when you use live video as part of your digital content strategy.

How Will Using Live Video vs. Regular Video Enhance My Digital Content Strategy?

There are so many reasons why using live video as part of your businesses digital content strategy will have immediate and positive results.

Here are a few:

  • Creates Sense of Urgency: People are 3x more likely to stay watching a live video than a regular video. It makes them feel as though if they don’t watch now, they’ll miss out.
  • It’s Immensely Personal: There you are, live. Right in front of everyone and allowing them to interact with you. While you aren’t actually face-to-face in the literal sense, it figuratively feels the same.
  • Anyone Can Access It: As long as you have a computer or a smartphone, you can access a live video. There’s also no technical stuff for you to get mired down in. 

What Kind of Videos Can I Make as Part of my Digital Content Strategy?

The great part about live video is that there are tons of fun ways to create interesting live video content.

Here are just a few:

  • Create a Live Commercial
  • Provide a Product Demonstration
  • Cover an Event (or Throw Your Own)
  • Create a How-To-Video
  • Star in Your Own Live Studio Blog
  • Interview Fans, Employees, etc.
  • Ask People For their Opinion (aka Vox Pops)


Remember when developing your digital content strategy that you are using live video to build your businesses brand.

Where Can I Feature My Live Videos?

With live video becoming popular so quickly, many social media sites have already gotten on board with it. 

Here’s where to post your live video digital marketing content:

  • Your Website: A great way to drive organic traffic to your site. Plan ahead and put it in your newsletter and spread the word on your social media platforms.
  • Facebook Live: Their users are 10x more likely to comment on a live video than on regular videos.
  • Instagram: Live videos disappear once they’re over. A great way to create a sense of urgency.
  • YouTube: Still the major player in the video game. There are even 3 ways to go live: Stream Now, Event Streaming and Mobile Streaming.
  • Twitter: They just spent $86 million dollars acquiring Periscope so they’re poised to be a big player in the live video scene.
  • SnapChat: While you can’t technically post live videos yet, there is an app that lets you do something between live and regular videos.

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