How To Use Content Marketing To Attract Your Ideal Customer

content marketing attracting ideal customer

So you want to know how to find your ideal customer. The old saying is true.  When it comes to marketing,  content is king. 

A study by the Content Marketing Institute found that 56% of marketers believe that personalised content promotes higher engagement rates.

It’s clear that if you want your small business to find your ideal customer and audience online, you need to create content that appeals to them. That’s simple for a marketer but may seem a bit more complicated for the majority of business owners.

If you want to write and market content to find your ideal customer, make sure you follow these tips: 

1. Know Your Ideal Customer 

content marketing to attract your ideal customer

You won’t be able to attract the ideal customer if you don’t know who they are.

Think about the kind of person you want using your products or services.

Are they young hobbyists that love to try new things and work with their hands?  Are they an experienced CEO at a large corporation?  Could your customer be a young mum that lives for her kids?

Once you know who you’re targeting you’ll be able to write effective content.

2. Understand your story 

If you were asked to tell a story about your company, what would you say?  

If your answer contains a business start date and some info about your products or services, you aren’t telling your story correctly.

There’s so much to a business aside from information you can find with a Google search.  

You aren’t just a tax accountant.  You’re a numbers-wiz that comes from a long line of tax experts.

You don’t just own a bakery.  You’re sharing your passion for baking and award winning recipes with the world.

If you think about what makes your business unique and what truly motivates  you to come to work every day, you’ll find your story.  

3. Show Your Value. What Is Your Unique Selling Point?

You’re going to be competing with other businesses for your ideal customer.  You’re going to need to find a way to set yourself apart from the rest or your USP (unique selling point).

The key to distinguishing yourself from the competition is to determine what value you give your customers.  For most businesses, that value will boil down to one thing: expertise.  

If you specialize in HVAC repair, don’t just mention that you have skilled workers. Mention that you’re always sending employees to workshops so they can stay up to date on the latest HVAC repair techniques.  

Don’t just tell people that you sell gorgeous rings and necklaces.  Talk about your years of gem appraisal experience and how you’ve been a jewelry hobbyist since you were in middle school.

Find a way to highlight your expertise, and the customers will follow. 

4. Distribute and Promote Your Content

content marketing promotion

This may sound obvious, but a lot of business owners neglect this step. Simply publishing a blog every now and then isn’t enough to build an audience or a brand.

Your blog posts should be promoted on your social media accounts.  Your website and posts should be optimized for SEO to ensure that new customers can find them.

Develop a solid marketing strategy to ensure that your content gets the right eyes on it.  Write Marketing Corp is a Brisbane based complete digital agency who won the global award for Top 10 Content Marketing Agency 2017 by Best Web Firms.

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