How to Generate Leads & Brand Awareness With Social Media

generate leads

With recent studies showing that higher sales revenue is directly linked to social media advertising, it’s no wonder companies are tapping into the social media market.

Companies around the globe are seeing major returns on their investment in resources to get their brand at the forefront of social media platforms. If you want to generate leads and boost sales then it’s time to go where you’ll be successful.

With 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook spending an average of 20 minutes a day on the platform, go where the people are.

Generating leads and sales with social media brand awareness doesn’t have to be as challenging as it seems. There are many tactics a brand should use when sending their brand message ads through various social media platforms.

We’ve compiled a list of a few key elements to consider when tackling social media for your brand:

1. Lure Them In

Your social media campaign has to be enticing if it is going to generate leads. It needs to elicit strong responses from your consumer. It needs to generate positive attention but also be capable to go viral through shares and likes.

Create content that is eye-popping, engaging, relevant and edgy. Use witty phrases for Twitter. Use funny memes or gifs for Facebook. Use beautiful and smart videos for Snapchat. Consider vibrant photography with great catch phrases for Instagram.

Know your platform and know which bait the platform users usually take. Design attractive ads for sweepstakes or personal connection ads to draw your audience in.

Contests are a big draw for consumers. People love to participate and it will certainly generate leads. Make your brand active by engaging your audience.

2. Discount It

People love a deal. Discount codes and flash deals are a great way to generate leads and brand awareness. Give your brand some excitement with discount codes that only last for a limited time. This will give your brand some urgency.

Discount offers and ads will generate leads swiftly for a short period of time. Spread your offers out for a planned length of time.


generate leads

3. Use Analytics

With so many built-in tools that social media has to offer, you’d be crazy not to use them all. Facebook analytics are a huge source of help when it comes to understanding what is hitting with your consumers and what is not.

Google analytics are another great way to learn about your potential clients. Watch your numbers and visits as you release each message or ad campaign. Learn what your audience is responding to and what they aren’t.

Create a champion social media presence by simply staying focused on what your crowd is doing and how they are responding.

Know Your Target Audience to Generate Leads

Know your target audience and know what they want. Know what gets through to your consumer. The market is over-saturated with ads. Create content that is going to go straight to the heart of your audience.

Treat your social media content like you might a personal mailing list. Make each ad tailored for them. Keep it extremely personal and engaging. Put content out there that people can interact with, leave reviews on, like and share. Reply to customer comments always.

Generating leads through social media is easy to do in 2017. The technology is all there for you, as well as incredible companies who can aid you in creating the perfect campaign for your chosen platforms.

When you’re ready to generate leads and boost your revenue with fantastic social media content, contact us for a free consultation.

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