Emerging Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

digital marketing trends

If you’re beginning to prepare your 2018 marketing plan, don’t fall into the trap of simply using last year’s plan – even if it worked well for you. Digital marketing trends are ever-evolving, and falling behind can mean falling sales.

Did you know, for example, that just over 50% of all website visits are now done using a mobile phone? And that number is only going to continue to increase, so if you aren’t offering your customers a mobile-friendly experience, you’re most certainly losing customers.

But maybe you already know that. What other digital marketing trends should you plan for in 2018? Read on to find out.

Keep Ads Native

If there is one thing consumers really hate, it’s having their viewing experience interrupted by annoying pop-up ads. This is where native ads come in.

Native ads blend into a website in such an unobtrusive way that customers may not even realize they are viewing an ad. Afraid they won’t work?

Don’t be! Native ads have a click-through rate that is four times higher than traditional ads.

digital marketing trends

Micro-Moments Are Having a Moment

If you aren’t aware of micro-moments, you absolutely need to be. What are they? Micro-moments are times when a consumer searches for and expects an answer to a question or need immediately.

96% of smartphone users use their phones to research information as soon as they want to know it. If you can anticipate your customers micro-moments, you can drive both traffic and sales:

According to Think with Google, 92% of users who used their phones to research first went on to make a related purchase!

Video Is Still King

digital marketing trendsVideo has been one of the top digital marketing trend for several years now, and that is not about to change. In fact, 43% of people want to see even more video content from businesses.

Not only do consumers want more video, they share it more too: Videos are shared 1200% more than both text and links combined.

What type of video should you focus on? Consumers like short explainer videos in which you briefly explain your product or service. They also love live streaming, which they watch for three times as long as traditional videos.

Personalize That Content

The content you offer your consumers is incredibly important, and if they feel that it is personalized to them specifically, all the better. 66% of consumers said they were willing to switch brands if they were made to feel like a person, not a number.

And 56% of them said they would switch brands if a company didn’t make an effort to personalize their communication with them!

One way to offer personalized content is to use a personalized call to action, which can lead to increased sales. StubHub reported a 42% improvement in sales when they began offering personalized calls to action.

Need Help Keeping Up With 2018’s Digital Marketing Trends?

Keeping up with changing trends and technology can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a huge marketing team to fall back on. If you’re worried about falling behind, we can help in numerous ways.

We can provide customized content for your business that will drive website visits and conversion. Or maybe your website needs refreshing for 2018  – we can help with that too. Contact us today for a  free consultation.

digital marketing trends

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