7 Tweaks that Turn Regular Content into SEO Writing

SEO Writing
If you’re not optimising your website content for search, you’re missing out on a crazy opportunity. These tweaks are easy enough to start today.

Have you been putting lots of effort into your content and not seeing the results you want? If so, we’ve got some great news! A few important tweaks may change everything.

It’s time to turn your regular content into SEO writing. 

SEO Writing

Search engine visibility is one of the greatest challenges that small businesses face in the online world. 

The content you provide is a core strategy in getting seen high up on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

But, is your current content helping you or hindering you? That’s where SEO writing comes in. 

Your content has got to be great, informative, and awesome as a standard. But, that’s not all. If that content isn’t optimised for the search engines it won’t help you achieve the results you want. 

In this article, we’re sharing 7 tweaks that will turn your normal content into SEO content. 

Ready to take your content to a whole new level? 

Let’s do this!

7 Tweaks that Turn Regular Content into SEO Writing

1. High-Quality

Why do people go onto the search engines in the first place?

They’re looking for content. They’re searching for useful information.  

Offering high-quality content is no longer an option for businesses, it’s a necessity. That content must be relevant, informative, and it must provide incredible value at all times.

If it doesn’t do these things, your website may well become invisible. 

2. Keyword Intent

Google is constantly updating its algorithms but what does this mean for you and your business?

It means that the best type of SEO writing now puts keyword intent front and center. 

Forget about writing to the keywords themselves, and seek to write to the user’s intent behind the keywords instead. 

3. Answer Questions

The search engines are in the business of providing value to their users. If those users are seeking answers to their questions, it follows that if you provide those answers your page will rank highly.

Your content, as a consequence, must provide that value. How best can you provide that value?

Craft your content so that it answers their questions, solves their problems and eases their worries. 

4. Fresh Content

One of the most important elements of any online marketing strategy is in creating fresh, new, updated, relevant content. 

If you’re not churning out awesome content regularly, you’re handing enormous opportunity to your competitors.

5. Headlines

You can turn normal content into SEO Writing by using headlines in your copy.

To do this effectively, create the headline before writing the body of your content. This will keep your content super-focused. 

And remember that headlines that convey a specific message work best for search users. 

6. Bite-Sized Information

As well as being ridiculously informative, your content must also look good on the page.

Nothing turns users off as quickly as reams and reams of text.

As a result, your content must be presented in bite-sized, digestible chunks. 

Use bullet points, break up your content, and leave plenty of white space. 

7. Visual Elements 

Did you know that the average person now has the attention span of a goldfish? Shocking but true!

What does this mean for your content? Visual elements are absolutely crucial. 

Compliment your awesome content with entertaining videos, high-quality images, infographics, quotations, memes, GIFs, etc. 

If you don’t capture the user’s attention in the space of 8 seconds, they’re gone, and the chances are, they won’t be coming back. 

SEO Writing Tweaks: Helping Your Business to Stand Out

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