6 Top Tips For A Winning Website

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If you are a business owner, it is becoming increasingly and quickly proven that having a powerful, on-brand website and online presence is essential more than ever to stay competitive, grow your brand and maximise your business’s overall bottom line.Astoundingly however, only around half of all businesses have an online presence including a website. On top of that they aren’t aware of the growth limits this puts on their business, the reduced sales they would be achieving and the lower brand reputation it leads to (for less established or well known businesses).

In 2017, businesses that don’t have a website and online presence will get left behind to their competitors, as well as achieve less sales/customers and business growth. When it comes to building a website, a good website design and development agency will have a common checklist.

Essential Elements of a Winning Website Design:

1. Responsiveness – That is. how your website is displayed across different devices eg. mobile, tablet desktop etc.

With the majority of consumers starting their initial searches for products and/or services they are wanting to buy, from their mobile,  it is critical you have a website that displays correctly on mobile and tablet devices that can be just as easily read, navigated and enjoyed as on a desktop version of the same website. Failing to have this important website design element leads to frustrated customers, reduced potential sales and loss of other valuable business opportunities. According to MarketingProfs, a  huge 48% of consumers get frustrated with unresponsive website design. 43% of website visitors will leave an unresponsive website and go to their competitors instead if the website they initially visit is not responsive.

2. Visual Look and Branding

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Secondly, the choice of colours, fonts and other visuals of your website, should importantly be coordinated with your business’s brand.  Customers should be able to recognise your business instantly when visiting your website due to it matching your current or redesigned business brand colour themes and other marketing materials for both online and offline. Studies show that customers trust businesses who incorporate this element into their website strengthening your brand’s identity further.  The following stats further cement this important element of a winning website design:

  • 60% of Customers look for consistent branding when shopping online, in store or over the phone.
  • That means you are much more likely to convert a sale by as high as 6 customers in every 10 just by selecting the right colours, fonts and other visual design elements into your website.
  • Additionally 66% of consumers will pay more if they experience a positive brand experience.

Images,  Captions

One website element not often incorporated into website design are Image captions. These are great for adding a bit more style to your website or to for giving some unique insight into the subject of the image. It also improves your SEO and Google ranking for the images which are otherwise not recognised by Google. An image that is surrounded by related text, ranks better for the keyword it is optimised for.

On top of that high quality, relevant images dramatically improve your content’s read-rates, click-through rates (i.e. the number of people that click through to read your content on your website), social engagement and website traffic. However for this to be achieved you need to use bold, high quality images and not general stock images. This simple rule to follow achieves much higher conversion rates(that is, website visitor- to- leads or sales) than those who use generic stock images. Whether the captions are for photos on a news website or design samples in a portfolio, they present an opportunity for reinforcing the overall look of the website. When done properly, they can even add more visual interest and become a distinguishing trademark of a particular brand or website.

3. Ease of Navigation | Usability

winning elements of a websiteIt is essential that a website provides an enjoyable experience for the visitor that allows them to easily find the information they need and encourage them to spend more time exploring your company.

  • A recent survey of 100 visitors of small business websites found navigating around the website difficult and left to go to the site’s competitors. Thus clear navigation menus and page content outlining your key important pieces of information such as services and contact information needs to provide an easy, enjoyable experience to your visitors.
  • Additionally, the placement of key important information needs to be at the top of the page as research shows that 77% of visitors don’t scroll down a website page they visit.
  • Overall, this will ensure increased lead conversion rates which at the end of the day is one of the main goals of a website and key elements of a winning website design.

4.  Converting, Google ranking Optimised (SEO), Engaging Titles & Content

Engaging, Compelling Persuasive Headings and website content writing,  that offers value to visitors, answers their queries and delights them will result in converting them into customers by and increased 10.4%. This is proven consistently by A/B Testing (which is a kind marketing method that tests different scenarios to discover the best marketing practises for generating desired consumer actions).

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5. Strong CTAs (Call-to-Action)

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Every website essentially requires CTAs or “Call-to-Actions” inline with marketing and design best practices to encourage desirable visitor action on your website and ideally become a lead and then a paying customer. Basically a CTA is text or graphics that encourages your visitors to take a certain action on your website. Examples of actions could include, signing up to your newsletter, subscribing to your blog or sending a quote request.

  • 2.75% Increased click-through rates: Adding correctly placed and designed CTAs on your website increases click-through rates to desired visitor action, by 2.75%.
  • 5 x More Clicks: Brightly coloured CTAs usually achieve 5 times more clicks.

6. Trust Building and Credibility
elements of a winning website


Trust is consistently reported as one of the top key areas consumers seek, listing it as the number #1 important deciding factors on whether they take the next step towards becoming a customer on websites they visit. Furthermore, customer reviews hold a powerful part in building this trust and specifically search for and pay attention to customer reviews in deciding on whether to purchase from a business website.  For this reason it is important to always display your testimonials on your website as well as those created on reliable 3rd party verified sites such as Trust Pilot . 65 out of 100 surveyed business owners say that positive customer reviews and reputation plays a big part in their business growth and success of their website for generating leads, online enquires and sales. Another important point to consider is placing any information about awards, credentials and guarantees on your website. This adds to your credibility and overall ability to build trust with your website visitors.


Although there are other elements of design that could be considered important for a winning website design, these are my top SIX (6), backed by industry research, from the Content Marketing Institute, and my own experience as a website designer and developer. Overall, the most important of all is to ensure your website is mobile responsive, on brand with consistent colours and fonts, easy and enjoyable to navigate and no hassle to find contact information or CTAs for increasing conversion rates.

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