6 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

2018 digital marketing trends

What you need to integrate into your 2018 Marketing Plan.


If you have started to plan your marketing strategy and budget for 2018, you should consider questions regarding tactics you are planing on using that would work best with your customers and most importantly, that will result in the highest conversions.

To plan the ultimate marketing strategy for your business in 2018 read through the the top 6 digital marketing trends outlined here and incorporate them into your planning process. I will go through all the best strategies for acquiring leads, conversions, customer connections and engagement.

  1. Master Micro-Moments


Mobile and tablet devices have proven to be a major influence in customer interaction and engagement with brands around the world. A huge 96% of consumers use their mobiles to search for information they require. This is the concept of “micro-moments”, a shift of power to mobile devices from desktops. Consumers are using their mobiles and tablets for research for long-term goals such as purchasing a new home or small goals such as buying their groceries from the nearest store. Countless of these “micro-moments” lead consumers to reach out for their mobiles to conduct the needed research and make purchases online when businesses make it easy for them to do so from their mobile. Only successful brands have the tendency to correctly anticipate and address the exact micro-moment needs by providing the right information at the right time to the right customer and their needs. For this reason it is essential your website, blog and other online channels you upload information to about your brand is fully responsive i.e. able to be viewed easily on mobile and tablet devices.

2. Visuals are more important than ever

importance of visuals in marketing

Video is increasingly becoming an excellent marketing method to connect on a deeper level with your leads and customers due to the rich and interactive elements of video. As a result people are tempted to take significant action in terms of likes, shares and so on. Once again consumers are using their mobiles more often to watch videos online. The following stats from Smart Insights show that video is growing rapidly in popularity:


  • YouTube registers more 18+ year olds in terms of audience base during peak TV hours than any cable TV network.
  • Advertisers on prime time broadcasting TV could gain 56% more audience for 18-49 year old brackets by advertising on YouTube.
  • Facebook revealed that over 8 billion videos are watched each day on their platform.

Consumers are more drawn to videos because of the stronger connection they experience from the visual on-screen elements. Therefore the trend of promoting high quality video content is very much likely to sky rocket in the future.

3. Create personalised an customer focused content

One thing is for certain in 2018 and that is that Content Marketing is going to be the key focus when devising a marketing plan wit the very important goal of a personalised experience for each customer. This may lead you to the question of :

“How do you know what each customer’s specific needs are to be able to cater to them” 

The key here is to drift away from traditional static content to more dynamically rich content. Ensure you have a dynamic website and a smart marketing automation plan that delivers regular, consistent content. This creates a unique experience for customers that matches their specific needs and preferences. An example might be that a new visitor lands on your website. The message you want to convey to them would be very different to an existing customer. For the new visitor, a message displaying a easy to read snap shot of your offers plus some engaging content will go down well. However for current customers, an individualised message pertaining their specific needs can be put out there to retain and assist them in acquiring a new product or service you recently added.

Creating personalised messages drives better performance.

An authority in the marketing world, Hubspot, ran a survey that inspected the data of 93,000+ CTAs (call-to-actions) over a 12 month period. The results showed that CTAs directed to consumers did 42% better than generic CTAs. Hopefully this motivates businesses into creating and sending personalised and customer oriented messages. By providing customers precisely what they need, your business is retained in the memory of the customer for significant information an also importantly it will enhance lead conversions. Here are some powerful stats for personalised messaging:


  • 61% of customers rely more on a business that creates custom an individualised content making the probability of them choosing that same business for a future purchase high.
  • 88% of content marketing professionals are considering to add personalisation elements in their marketing plans.

4. Get your customers to become your promoters

Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing with highest conversions plus it spreads brand awareness, all for free. The message triggers a chain reaction, the satisfied customer will tell his/her friends, family and other people in the circle and these people will be likely tempted to try your business offerings themselves and spread the word further. So the the cycle continues and grows. You may ask, “how do we transform a customer into a lifelong promoter?”

There are several ways to achieve this but the most basic way is to acknowledge and provide the needs your customers are literally looking for. You need to take the time to truly understand and solve their problems and then it becomes easy to make them loyal to your business. Ask them on social media, encourage commenting on your blog or run a contest to find out this information.You can also offer incentives when a customer refers a friend. 

Ensure to put “word-of-mouth” marketing in your 2018 marketing plan, actively seek out your customers and target market’s biggest pain points and offer solutions and valuable content.

5. Invest in content writers

In 2018 it will be even more important to be creating content that is valuable, easily memorable, unique and personalised. Hire an experienced professional writer who is not only able to write original and creative content but has specialised knowledge allowing them to write on a variety of topics that will attract a large audience from different industries to your business.


Need a professional writer specialised in your industry to create and design regular content for your business or blog? Write Marketing Corp have a team of writers specialised in over 20+ different niche industries. Contact us today to see if we can help your business. 


The aim is to come up with content that retains existing customers who will keep coming back for more plus attract others through word-of-mouth. An experienced writer knows exactly how to write winning words perfectly and creatively. They will create a story, case study or blog article relating to your business on a deep and personal level.

6. Covert with the right data

You need to have analytics or some way to collect data about your customers so you can understand the exact customer behaviour and what it takes to deliver the best marketing efforts for the best results. In 2018 the trend of providing real time responses to consumers is going to grow increasingly crucial so associating the data with the right tools will be very vital. Just using google analytics isn’t going to be enough in 2018, businesses need to incorporate the data with marketing automation and CRM tools (e.g. Zoho, Salesforce, Marketo etc.) Here are some stats to help you understand this importance:


  • Highly data oriented businesses are 3 times more likely to improve their decision making process
  • 9 out of 10 business owners feel their businesses gave missed opportunities because sales agents were not able to make the most out of the information available in front of them.



2017 has been the most active year till now with the use of digital technology to engage and interact with their target market. It is now, when businesses should start incorporating these above mentioned 6 top trends in their strategic planning process for 2018. Getting well prepared beforehand will give you a competitive edge.

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