5 Website Copywriting Hacks to Lower Bounce Rates

website copywriting

Is the bounce rate for your site higher than it should be? That’s a clear sign that there’s an issue with your content. Blogging is a great way to increase traffic, but only when it’s done right. It could be that your blog posts aren’t formatted well, take too long to read, or don’t adequately address searcher queries. Making a few simple changes to the way you write could make a huge difference. Keep reading for five awesome website copywriting hacks.

1. Focus on a Niche Topic

Think about the kind of information you search for online. Do you ask broad questions, or hone in on specific areas? If you’re like most of us, you’ll turn to the internet when you have a very specific query, like, “Is it okay for my dog to eat pumpkin?” You probably won’t spend much time searching for more general terms like, ‘dog’. Your readers are the same, so creating niche content is a great way to appeal to them. Before writing anything, try to visualize a specific person with a specific problem, then write a post that’s perfectly tailored to them.

2. Create Skyscraper Content

There’s so much content online that it can be hard to compete. If viewers aren’t immediately impressed by your offering, they’re likely to bounce away. Creating skyscraper content is a great way to stand out. Instead of writing short blog posts on different topics, you’ll write a lengthy in-depth guide on a broader topic. So, instead of a 500-word post titled, “How to Make Vegan Cake”, you could write a 2000-word skyscraper post, like “The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Baking.” Readers will realize you’re an authority on the topic and be more likely to stick around.

3. Avoid Complicated Language

It’s been shown that the average attention span is now only 8-seconds long, meaning that content needs to be quick and easy to consume. That means avoiding complicated language, lengthy paragraphs, and huge walls of text. You should write using simple words, short paragraphs, subheadings, lists and bullet points. This makes it easy for readers to skim your content and find exactly what they’re looking for. A site that’s easy to use is guaranteed to hold onto readers.

4. Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

website copywriting It doesn’t matter that you’ve written the best article in the world if nobody reads it. Learn to write catchy, attention-grabbing headlines by brainstorming different titles, making sure they accurately reflect your content and making promises to lure the reader in. For example, ’10 Tips That Will Transform Your Marketing Strategy.’ Keep headlines short, or they won’t display well in search engines.

5. Use Active Voice

Using active voice makes readers feel involved in your content, rather than like they’re being lectured to. So, instead of using a passive sentence, like, “20% more sales were enjoyed by the company”, use an active sentence, like, “The company enjoyed 20% more sales.” This will make your content easier to understand, more engaging, and faster to skim.

Why Improve Your Website Copywriting?

Better website copywriting will reduce your bounce rate, show that you’re an industry expert, and encourage readers to keep visiting your site. A little extra effort will have big results. Need more online marketing advice? Subscribe to our blog for loads of tips at the top of this page.

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