5 Ways Creative Web Design Can Improve User Experience

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There are millions of website on the Internet. What makes your website better than your competitor’s?

The look and feel of your website must be unique. With balanced amounts of usability and creativity, your website can become the mecca of design perfection.

Successful web design relies on the use of the latest and greatest design trends. Design trends come and go. What was in last year more than likely is a trend of the past.

This means your website design needs to be flexible and easily changed.

Want to put the best face forward on your company website? If so, now is the time to improve user experience through creative web design.

How to Improve UX With Creative Web Design

There are an endless amount of ways to use creative web design on a company website. Here are five must use trends to boost user experience.

1. Use Animated Transitions

Forms and the fields within them are important parts of a website.

Need to collect a visitor’s email? That’s a form. Want users to be able to submit questions? That’s also a form.

Make your form elements more visually appealing by using animated transitions. These transitions can be implemented using CSS and pseudo-classes.

Need some inspiration? Check out these eye-catching text input effects.

2. Age-Responsive Design


Depending on your product or service, you may need to market to a wide age range.

To appeal to customers of all ages, implement age-responsive design. This design trend uses metadata to determine each visitor’s perceived age.

Your website will then adapt the appropriate look and feel for the age of the visitor.

For example, elderly visitors may need bigger fonts and subdued colors. Younger visitors like websites with all of the bells and whistles.

Age-responsive design can include:

  • Varied color schemes for certain age groups
  • Navigation menus that can be simple or complex
  • Different font sizes and kerning

3. Use Skeleton Screens

Fast page loads are a must. But how do you fill your page with content without bogging down load time?

Use skeleton screens to load your page in stages. This allows for the simplest items to load on the page first. Then the more complex elements are loaded.

This creates visual anticipation for your users. The short wait is just enough to keep visitors on your page.

4. Embrace White Space

When it comes to web design, less is more.

A cluttered website is confusing for users. Website clutter can increase bounce rates and decrease conversation rates.

Does your website pack too much into a small space? If so, now is the time to introduce white space.

White space puts emphasis on the important parts of your website. To add white space:

  • Put space between images
  • Ensure proper spacing between text and images
  • Reduce the size of headers and footers

5. Use Valuable Exit Overlays

website design

Exit overlays convert. But for some users, they can be quite annoying. There’s nothing worse than a last minute pop up that asks you for personal information.

Instead of asking a visitor for their email upon leaving your site, offer something of value.

Give visitors an offer they can’t refuse. Offer free shipping on their next order. Or provide a one-time coupon.

The more valuable the offer, the more likely a visitor is to stay on your site.

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