5 Simple Steps To Generate Traffic To Your Website

simple steps to generate website traffic

Website traffic is an invaluable way to increase sales. Traffic means leads, leads mean sales, and sales mean profits!  Did you know that only 50% of businesses have an online presence?

If you’re just getting started with your small business website, check out our post How To Build a Strong Online Presence When Starting a New Business for more information. 

Generating traffic may seem intimidating considering there are over a billion sites out there, but with our 5 simple steps, you’ll be seeing increased traffic in no time. 

Our 5 Simple Steps to Generate Website Traffic 

1. Pay Attention

Search the web for what’s out there about your company, your competitors, and your field as a whole.  Pay attention to what’s being said about your company in comments on social media and customer reviews.  Ask yourself these questions and those below and use the answers to implement better marketing campaigns and content for generating increased website traffic: 

  1.  What topics or common themes are coming up often?
  2. What does your customer base seem to care about ?  
  3. What are the most frequently asked questions?  
  4. What are your influencers promoting ie. businesses or individual experts in your industry who have large followings and audiences?  

Discussing and answering these questions relevant to your field,  is a sure way to generate traffic.

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2. Generate Valuable, Authoritative Content

blogging for website traffic

Adding a blog to your website will do wonders for your SEO (search engine optimization).

Write something that offers an original viewpoint that your clients will want to learn about. 

Say you own a juice bar. You make delicious, organic, raw, cold-pressed juice. 

Write about what the heck all those words mean and why they make your product so good. Do critics say your juice is too expensive?       

Write a blog promoting your customer rewards punch card.  Generate traffic by posting regularly and featuring keywords to maximise SEO.

SEO for website traffic generation

using social media to generate website traffic

3. Use Social Media

Social Media, in addition to email blasts, are a great way to generate traffic. Your business should have its own accounts any of the following:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn
  • Periscope
  • Pinterest

Use these social tools to publicise your content regularly, as well as interact with your followers on each of them. 

Don’t just share your article or news once, share a few times over the course of the week following your post. 

4. Share, Share, Share…

Not only should you be sharing your blog posts on social media, your readers should be sharing them for you.

Ideally, people will not only read your blog, they’ll want to share it too!  Make it easy for clients to share with a short, comprehensive title and use awesome tricks like Click to Tweet. 

Even a small number of extra steps can frustrate your well-intentioned reader and limit your share ability, so make it easy with as few steps as possible.

Get  your readers to generate traffic for you by handing them on a silver platter, every way they can share your post.

5. Make Sure You’re Reaching the Right People at the Right Time

Generating traffic for your website is all about getting your clients to see it.

Use your blog to keep your brand relevant to what people are searching. Use keywords or phrases related to your business to get the most hits. Promote your content by optimising your output: getting that info out when your people are actually looking.

Check out sites like Tweriod to track when your social media audience is online.  Or see our Infographic on “The Best Times To Post On Social Media.” on our facebook page.

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