5 Digital Marketing Tactics Your Online Business Needs to Try

digital marketing tactics

Your online business has the potential to engage millions of consumers worldwide, but it needs your help to do so. 

Digital marketing tactics are available to boost your traffic and conversion rates and get ahead of the competition. They help you reach your audience in a quick, efficient manner. 

Effective tactics can be anything from search engine ad campaigns to sending personalized emails. Or, try a combination of consistent content with the right user experiences. 

The possibilities are endless, but there are some tactics you should definitely consider using. 

1. Paid Search 

For the most instant results, start using paid search. 

This is the way companies use search engines to place online ads. Ads are created using specific keywords and consumer targeting. Then, as users search keywords or phrases, your campaign dollars “bid” to be displayed. 

Campaigns can run by day, week, or even month. However, you will want to set a daily limit to your total budget in order to ensure the campaign runs as long as you intend it to.  

Also, remember only the top two or three bidders are displayed at the top of search results. The rest may be shown on a sidebar, or not come up at all. 

This balances paid search with SEO results. 

2. Search Engine Optimization

digital marketing tacticsSEO is a long-term approach to gaining traffic and conversions. 

It is commonly referred to as “organic search“, because users find companies in a more natural way. When content directly relates to a user’s search, it ranks high on the results page without needing the advertising dollars of paid search. 

This works best for online brands who have relevant and consistent messaging on all of their web pages and social media channels. The more uniform your messaging is, the higher your chances of ranking high in SEO. 

3. Email Marketing

digital marketing tacticsThis is one of the oldest digital marketing tactics, but still in the ranks of most effective when used correctly. 

Email marketing allows you to create direct, custom messages at a low cost.

Companies can reach different segments of their market with personalized content, like driving sales for men vs women.

This sparks interest and increases click through rates, which can lead to better sales. 

4. Social Media 

Another way to stay relevant and increase user engagement is through social media advertising. 

Different than paid search, social media ads put your content in front of the user without them having to search for it.

Instead, specific algorithms are working to match ads with users who are already searching for similar products. Plus, you can get as broad or specific as you like when setting up Facebook and Instagram campaigns. 

Either way, the more you boost social ads, the more exposure your brand is getting. This leads to better brand recognition, organic search, and conversion rates. 

5. A/B Test Your Digital Marketing Tactics 

Speaking of conversions, when is the last time you updated your website?

A/B testing allows you to compare the performance differences between two possible web designs. Small edits for things like messaging and banners can have big effects on the user experience and purchase cycle. 

Testing gives you almost immediate feedback. It signals whether you are headed in the right design direction, or if you need to go back to the drawing board. 

Stop Waiting to Build Your Business

Do not wait to start applying these digital marketing tactics. 

Steady increases in monthly traffic, a better understanding of how to increase conversions, and more opportunities are waiting.  

For help navigating the ins and outs of the digital marketing world, contact us today. 

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