digital marketing tactics

Your online business has the potential to engage millions of consumers worldwide, but it needs your help to do so.  Digital marketing tactics are available to boost your traffic and conversion rates and get ahead of the competition. They help you reach your audience in a quick, efficient manner.  Effective tactics can be anything from search engine ad campaigns to sending personalized emails. Or, try a combination of consistent content with the right user experiences.  The possibilities are endless, but there are some tactics you should definitely consider using. ...

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why good website design is important for your business

Imagine if you only had one minute to pitch your entire line of services and products.  In the online world, that’s about right. The average person only spends up to 60 seconds trying to complete a simple task on your website before giving up.  The task could be anything from finding contact information to looking at your services. Either way, users need an interesting experience that is easy to navigate.  The importance of good website design for your business is clear. It is both what sparks interests and seals the deal, thanks to branding, engagement, and conversion strategies....

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benefits of blogging

If you want your business to be on the cutting edge, you need your website to be a hotspot of activity and content. Why? Because 94% of B2B customers are using the internet to help in their decision-making process.  Be a part of the conversation. One of the more effective strategies is regular blogging. Companies posting upward of 16 blogs monthly can find website traffic boosted by more than three times the original amount! This is only one of the many benefits of blogging. Keep reading to learn more about how consistent blogging can help build your business!...

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This is why your digital marketing campaign failed

You’ve reached the end of your digital marketing campaign and your results have concluded one of the most dreaded things for a marketer to overcome. Failure. Every marketer has experienced a failing digital marketing campaign at one point of their journey. But the way to winning starts with reviewing your faults before you jump back into another campaign. Here are some reasons why your digital marketing efforts didn’t lead to success and how you can turn that around next time....

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how to increase website traffic

Are you looking for ways to increase your (organic) website traffic? There are a number of ways to do this. But undoubtedly, blogging is the best one. What’s so great about blogging? Companies who blog get 55 percent more website visitors than those who don’t. But, here’s the trick: You can’t just slap up a few paragraphs per week and hope for the best. In order to increase traffic, you need to blog the right way. Keep reading to find out how to increase organic traffic through blogging....

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generate leads

With recent studies showing that higher sales revenue is directly linked to social media advertising, it’s no wonder companies are tapping into the social media market. Companies around the globe are seeing major returns on their investment in resources to get their brand at the forefront of social media platforms. If you want to generate leads and boost sales then it’s time to go where you’ll be successful. With 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook spending an average of 20 minutes a day on the platform, go where the people are. Generating leads and sales with social media brand......

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website design

There are millions of website on the Internet. What makes your website better than your competitor’s? The look and feel of your website must be unique. With balanced amounts of usability and creativity, your website can become the mecca of design perfection. Successful web design relies on the use of the latest and greatest design trends. Design trends come and go. What was in last year more than likely is a trend of the past. This means your website design needs to be flexible and easily changed. Want to put the best face forward on your company website? If so,......

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2018 digital marketing trends

What you need to integrate into your 2018 Marketing Plan.   If you have started to plan your marketing strategy and budget for 2018, you should consider questions regarding tactics you are planing on using that would work best with your customers and most importantly, that will result in the highest conversions. To plan the ultimate marketing strategy for your business in 2018 read through the the top 6 digital marketing trends outlined here and incorporate them into your planning process. I will go through all the best strategies for acquiring leads, conversions, customer connections and engagement....

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email marketing

Email Marketing remains one of the best marketing methods available due to it’s low cost and high ROI (return on investment) when implemented correctly. Potentially businesses can gain a return of up to 4300% on their email marketing campaigns. If you haven’t read it already you should check out the article about the “The Top 5 Reasons why Email Marketing is Essential For Any Small Business”. However what if you don’t have a very large email subscriber list? If you’re not working regularly on growing your email marketing subscriber list, or don’t know how, this article outlines the best......

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